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Welcome to the Lab of Computational Neuroscience at the Department of Biological Sciences at Florida Atlantic University!

We are thrilled to have you visit our website and explore the fascinating world of computational neuroscience. As a cutting-edge research facility, we are dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of the brain and pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery.

At our lab, we harness the power of computational models and advanced technologies to gain insights into the intricate workings of the brain. We work to develop innovative approaches that bridge the gap between theory and experiment.

Through our research, we aim to deepen our understanding of brain function, neural networks, and cognitive processes. By leveraging computational tools and methods, we strive to shed light on fundamental questions in neuroscience and contribute to the development of novel therapies for neurological disorders.

As you navigate through our website, you will find information about our ongoing projects, publications, and the talented individuals who make up our lab. We are proud to foster a vibrant and inclusive environment that encourages collaboration and nurtures the next generation of computational neuroscientists.

Our Research

Our Research

Our research focuses on the computational modeling of ion channels, synapses, neurons, networks, and systems, unraveling the intricate interactions across various spatial scales. By capturing the essence of neural activity, we decode the mechanisms underlying brain function, shed light on information processing, and explore aspects of neurological disorders.